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Meet Ben Ireland

Ben Ireland

Author Ben Ireland is a murderer.

He says so himself. “I have a bad habit of killing people in my writing.” Indeed, becoming a character in a Ben Ireland story could be a death sentence. After all, this writer invented a fairyland where humans often died (Moments in Millenia, Xchyler Publishing). “My mother doesn’t approve,” he admits. But other than that,  Continue reading

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The Laughing Mirror (From the Poltergeist and Aunt Betty)

Aunt Betty is so funny that even the mirror giggles.

Aunt Betty is so funny that even the mirror giggles.

Betty woke up, confused and in a cold sweat. She put her hand out, searching for clues to her surroundings. An old-style paper phone book jumped into it. Slowly, she focused her eyes on the words ‘Lake Charles.’

“Oh, yeah,” she mumbled.

“Aunt Betty!” A cheery voice piped into her room from somewhere.

“Somebody’s awake.” She chuckled. Continue reading

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Three Blogs and a Love Story

Beyond the Wail, now free for Kindle unlimited

Free for Kindle Unlimited

I cannot let this day pass without a tip of the hat to four excellent bloggers. Don’t miss a visit to the sites of these authors. Among the fascinating reads you will find in their archives are interviews with yours truly, and a link to a certain book you have got to get for Halloween, Beyond the Wail.

But what a nice surprise to also discover… Continue reading

Meet Aunt Betty

Aunt Betty's new roommate is out of this world, but how much is ghost and how much is just plain crazy?

Aunt Betty’s here, and she’s got a ghost, but how much of that is just plain crazy?

Everyone has “that family member” right? I mean, it was for them that we invented this phrase: “That’s not just wrong, friend, that’s crazy uncle wrong!” It’s the guy that yells at the Fox News channel and then clears out the room with a single fart. It’s the woman who stalks little children, pouncing out of dark corners to pinch their cheeks, and cover their faces with red lipstick. They have the manners of your preschooler, but not the charm. They are adorable and terrifying. Continue reading

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Here come the spooks!

New scares are here! Beyond the Wail, now available on Amazon

Beyond the Wail, now available on Amazon

The day is here, friends and neighbors. Beyond the Wail, a Paranormal Anthology, has finally arrived on Amazon. Prepare to be creeped, crawled, and entertained right out of your skulls as 12 authors – including yours truly – tell some Halloween tales you have never heard before.

Beyond the Wail, now free for Kindle unlimited

Free for Kindle Unlimited

Grab your copy today in paperback or on Kindle. Free for Kindle Unlimited! And watch my Notes for goodies all through the month. We launch tomorrow, friends! There is a whole month of new characters, authors, and prizes coming your… Continue reading

Beyond the Wail is Out!

BEYOND THE WAIL: 12 Grave Stories of Love and Loss

What is it about fear and the unknown that pulls so passionately at the human heart? Perhaps we are drawn not to the darkness itself, but to the resolution, the overcoming of what we most deeply dread. After all, the more terrible the struggle, the greater the victory when it comes at last. Presented in this anthology are twelve remarkable stories of the darkness that overshadows us, and the resolution that may be found beyond them. They are stories of fear and oppression, but ultimately stories of hope, stories that will take you BEYOND THE WAIL.

Goodreads | Amazon

 … Continue reading

Steampunk Author’s Hot New Release

Scott E. Tarbet's riveting revision of a beloved novel.

Scott Tarbet signs his new edition on Friday Oct 9

Scott E. Tarbet to appear at Marissa’s Gifts and Books

Have you been dying to meet a rising star in steampunk? Utah fans, here’s your chance.

Marissa’s Gifts & Books, a charming local independent bookstore, is hosting a signing of the new second edition of A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk, featuring the heroic Pauline on a gorgeous new cover, Friday, October 9th, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Author Scott Tarbet will sign tonight.

Located at 5664 S 900 E, Ste 8, Murray, UT 84121, Marissa's Books and GiftsMarissa’s is your home for hard to find vintage and collectable books, as well as new titles from local authors.

Already own a first edition copy of AMNS?

Bring it by, and get the second edition, autographed, for only $10. That goes for Kindle copies of the first edition, too.

Come in Steampunk costume, and get $2 off your copy of the second edition.

Continue reading

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Hot Steam on a Midsummer Night

Scott E. Tarbet's riveting revision of a beloved novel.

Shakespeare turns to steam in the new version of this beloved novel.

Ginger’s Notes here. How about a little

Sunday Steampunk!

Author Scott E. Tarbet does it again with a riveting revision of his popular first novel. A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk, now a worldwide hit, is selling on Watch my Author Spotlights for a special interview series with Scott. You won’t see it anywhere but here, friends, a one-on-one with a rising Steampunk Star!

You won’t believe how well this author understands us women, and you will love how he adores his characters. I’m bringing it all to you soon. Meanwhile, grab the new book and read up. This is what we women wanted to be back in the 20th Century. Imagine what might have happened if we did not have to fight to be mathematicians and scientists. Where would we go? What would we invent? Mr. Tarbet has it firmly in mind, revised in this book with an even stronger female lead.

Continue reading

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The Ghosts of Halloween Past

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is coming! Get your scare on with these spooky stories.

Oh my word, has it really been two years?

Xchyler Publishing, Paranormal Anthology, 2013. Shades and Shadows. Wow! What a book. Let’s see . . . scare? Check. Spooky? Check. Ooga-booga? You bet, the creep-out factor is enormous. New, hot talent? Check, check, check! It’s that time of year, book fans. Grab a $3.99 book deal and rev up your October scare factor.

Need some incentive? Check this excellent video on YouTube. Continue reading

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12 Spooky Stories Coming Your Way

My latest story and 12 other tales by Xchyler authors.

Coming October 10

Hey Paranormal fans! Here’s what’s new this fall.

The noise in the attic could be the wind. Or . . . ? What waits for us in the dark after we have loved and lost? We mourned them and left their gravesides. They are gone now. Aren’t they?

Just in time for Halloween, 12 Xchyler Authors, including yours truly, take paranormal to the next level. Continue reading

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