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A talk with Author Scott E. Tarbet

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Author Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet releases AMNS, v2

Part 4: Through the Sci-Fi of a dream 

It’s often said, “Good things take time, great things happen all at once.” No one knows that better than an author. The thrill we feel when the story  finds us is often indescribable. For Author Scott E. Tarbet, a story came to him in a dream. Today, I bring you a sneak peek of that story: a science fiction tale that woke him up, demanding to be written.

Mr. Tarbet’s initial foray into fiction landed him in steampunk, fantasy, and paranormal camps, directly in the wheelhouse of  Xchyler Publishing. However, this author does not impress me as someone who wants to think inside of a box. Coming in the future is an action space thriller, a paranormal screenplay, and this surprising new idea that he tells me in this interview. Reading it, Isee the influence of sci-fi kingpins; particularly those who write stories about space colonization. Unlike many tech fiction writers, I envision Mr. Tarbet as a man who will allow his characters to lead, even at the expense of a gadget or two. But to jump genres like this, the author must remember that he is also writing for a different audience.  Continue reading

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