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Healing Fire

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Every candle that lights the bowl is a prayer request. Who, other than God, really cares about them?

Every candle in the bowl is a sacred trust; a prayer for healing. Who, other than God, really cares about them?

I know a beautiful story, and I can’t keep it a secret.

It involves a monthly prayer-centered event in my town. It is one of the many Taizé based services that have popped up in every corner of the world now. In Georgetown, Texas, we call it the Ecumenical Service of Wholeness. And, the title says what this is: it’s a few people who get together every 4th Sunday to pray and chant for an hour, in Christ-centered meditation. Continue reading

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God the Snapping Turtle

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God the Father, Son, and Holy . . . Alligator Snapping Turtle?

Don’t argue with a toddler. Don’t even try.

It’s his usual routine. The boy, barely 3 years old, wants to delay sleep as long as possible. The familiar litany of “go potty, need a drink, want my blankie, give me a kiss, sing me a song,” comes to a merciful end. Only one card left in his deck, and is going to play it.


“Yes, honey?”

“The shadows are talking to me again.”

It works. I sit down next to him. “Shadows? What do the shadows look like?”

“Oh, they are over there,” he points his finger to the wall. “They look dark. But they want to be my friend. But . . . they are scary.” Continue reading

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Book Review: Love, Imperfectly Known

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Love, Imperfectly Known: Beyond Spontaneous Representations of God

Love, Imperfectly Known
by Brother Emmanuel of Taizé

As book reviews go, I think this one is likely to be a little unfair.

Concerning Love, Imperfectly Known by the Christian monk and mystic, Brother Emmanuel of Taizé: it’s hard for me to be objective about a book that I have grown to adore so personally. This disturbs me a little bit. I would like to lay this out to you in its component parts. I should offer you pros and cons, and cross-comparisons. I should not be so dramatically affected by a book, that I cannot help you to make your own, informed decisions.

So, I am apologizing to you in advance, for my bias. If clinical impartiality is what you need in a book review, then you should stop reading now. But, for those who wish to know why this book has so completely captured my heart, then please, read on. Continue reading

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