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A talk with Author Scott E. Tarbet

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Author Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet releases AMNS, v2

Part 3: Give the actor a pen!

Painting, acting, singing, dancing, writing . . . who cares? It’s all art, right? Well, try this: if you are a talented singer and actor, perhaps you are an expert at your craft, sit down and try to write some of the plots you deliver to an audience every day. Sound simple? It is not. For Author Scott E. Tarbet, telling a story is like breathing. However, few people know that it is only in recent years that he began to tell stories in writing.

A seasoned actor, opera singer, poet, and guitarist, Scott knows about delivering a live story to an audience. How, then, did he decide to step behind the scenes, and become a writer of tales? Why did he start writing late in his career, and what keeps him writing, despite the steep learning curve? In this, my third  interview with him, I learn about the passion that drove him to write novels like A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk, produced by Xchyler Publishing. I also learn what compels him to continue writing stories, as he grows rapidly into his new craft.

Here is what this new author had to say when I asked him just one pivotal question: What inspired you to write books?
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Featured: Sound-off Saturday

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Xchyler Publshing / Hamilton Springs Press

Writing about  writing, on the Xchyler Publishing blog, “Sound-Off Saturday”:

VERSE 2, by Ginger Mann

Joining my fellow short story writers and some veteran artists on the blog site of my first publisher.  I love watching what creative writers come up with when someone says, “Hey, would you write something about…”

Check out some fun new articles, flash fiction, and see what books are coming up at

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Verse 2

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a story worth a thousand pictures?

I have been writing poetry since elementary school. I don’t know why, it was just one of those things that fit into my mind very well. I turned out poems by the pound in the 4th grade. Most of them were about horses, I recall, for that was what truly inspired me back then. As I “grew up” in my craft, I discovered that poetry writing went hand-in-hand with my other fascination, music making. Continue reading

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