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Jilted River

When a body meets a body of water: Will vs. Brenda

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Brenda the Water Siren is interviewed by Will Scarlet

What does a heralded, hooded, pointy-toed Merry Man of Robin Hood’s gang have to do with an Appalachian water ghoul?

Absolutely nothing.

But that isn’t going to stop one of them from interviewing the other. Thanks to fellow author, Danielle Shipley, my water siren is out again, stalking another man. Continue reading

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Jilted River: Just a fairy tale?

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Thanks to for the excellent image!The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.

They ring with warbling birdsong. They swim with hazy gossamer wisps, floating under the sun dappled canopy. A waterfall beckons from the north, and it drops down, down, down to the river in the hollow bowl. See the rock face to the west? That is the other half of what used to be one big mountain. They call it the Warbler’s Rock, now. Cerulean Warblers are thick in the trees, and that rock bounces their little voices around just like a concert hall. It’s the best amphitheater in the Appalachians. And they call it the Hollows because . . . ?

Because the Jilted River gutted the earth, and left it standing empty. Continue reading

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Jilted River, in the Toll of Another Bell

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      A Fantasy Anthology

What have I been doing lately? What has kept me so quiet? Only one thing has the power to silence me, and I promise, it’s important. Today, I am happy to make a birth announcement. My newest creation, Jilted River is available for sale right now. It appears alongside nine other short stories in Xchyler Publishing’s 2015 fantasy anthology, The Toll of Another Bell.

Watch this blog for more about Jilted River, including an interview of me by author J. Aurel Guay, this month. But in the meantime, Want to know more about this amazing book?

Check out the official trailer, on YouTube:

Continue reading

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