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Interviewed by Scott E. Tarbet

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Scott Tarbet, Steampunk author, novelist, and friend.

Today on, I am interviewed by steampunk author, and longtime friend, Scott E. Tarbet. Scott and I appear in two Xchyler anthologies together: Shades and Shadows and The Toll of Another Bell. I am also privileged to have one of my poems on the first page of his novel, A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk.

Here are my answers to the Bernard Pivot Questionnaire, just for Scott. Enjoy!

My talk with Scott E. Tarbet

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Interviewed by Author J. Aurel Guay

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My tea and talk with Author J. Aurel Guay

Are you brave enough to hike to the #jiltedriver? Ask author J. Aurel Guay. I just took him there. Go and check out our conversation.

Conversation with Ginger Mann; Author Interview:

by J. Aurel Guay

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