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The View

Storytelling is important, right? Yes for fiction, yes for history, and a third yes for current events. Why just report the news when you can tell about it? That’s what the Georgetown View Magazine does. Where I live, the View is a small window into the people, places, and things that share our neighborhoods. Not a local paper, but local tales. True ones.

I was honored to receive my first assignment from them last year, which went into print this past January. I took a second one for February, and I like them enough to keep on writing… Continue reading

Meet Ben Ireland

Ben Ireland

Author Ben Ireland is a murderer.

He says so himself. “I have a bad habit of killing people in my writing.” Indeed, becoming a character in a Ben Ireland story could be a death sentence. After all, this writer invented a fairyland where humans often died (Moments in Millenia, Xchyler Publishing). “My mother doesn’t approve,” he admits. But other than that,  Continue reading

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Eva’s Dark Secret

She knows something about the river. Will she tell?

She may know something about the river. Will she talk about it?

A walk by the River

With Author A. F. Stewart

I am walking today with a young college woman. She just arrived back in town to support her family, and I’m afraid she has come in to a scene of chaos. See, tonight, I am with a number of townspeople involved in a search party. Eva’s sister Layla disappeared today: she went out for a walk by the river, and did not come back. The girls’ mother organized us to look for her. What are we finding? She was here, we can tell, but other than that, the news does not look good. It has been hours now, and we are unable to find anything except some confusing traces of her visit.

Layla is a sister by adoption — Eva’s adoption; but the two are as close as twins. That’s how I’ve known them through their entire childhood. I taught both girls a few music lessons once, but I kept up with the news of them after that. I think of my students as family, so my nerves are a bit on edge tonight. You will read that as you eavesdrop on my talk with this understandably tense young woman. I tried to hide it, but I, too was very worried about her sister. Continue reading

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Meet Father Mahoney

This young priest has seen a lifetime of hauntings.

This young priest has already seen a lifetime of hauntings.

A priest that sees ghosts? Can he help Aunt Betty?

Interviewed by Author A. F. Stewart

Young Father Mahoney never wanted to see a ghost. In fact, the parapsychologist-turned-priest hoped for just the opposite: as a Ph. D. student, he set out to find a cure for paranormal activity. How? By fixing sick minds. College led him to the niche field of parapsych. For Mahoney, it was pure serendipity: to explain a spook as mental illness made sense to him. So, before meeting Aunt Betty and her family, Father Mahoney pursued the exorcism of all spirituality, everywhere.

It might have worked, but the ghosts had other ideas.

Continue reading

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Dragon Tales

Dragon Librarian

She greeted me kindly, but her eyes pierced my skull.

Love, death, and books

My walk with a Librarian
and Author Danielle E. Shipley

I was privileged (?) today to walk as myself: a tall, blonde, suburban Texan woman; a new author looking for opportunities. I don’t know what to make of the character who has received me, but her invitation was so kind, so enticing. She said she wanted to offer me exclusive rights to publish my new work-in-progress.

Look, you’re an author. You know how it is, to be up in the early morning burning some outline onto the computer screen before hitting the shower and going to a “paying job”. You know what it’s like to want that one contract that can change everything; the one that brings royalties in excess of $2.98 per quarter? Look, I see your face, but don’t judge me harshly! I am new on the market, and I fell victim to a monster. Continue reading

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Three Blogs and a Love Story

Beyond the Wail, now free for Kindle unlimited

Free for Kindle Unlimited

I cannot let this day pass without a tip of the hat to four excellent bloggers. Don’t miss a visit to the sites of these authors. Among the fascinating reads you will find in their archives are interviews with yours truly, and a link to a certain book you have got to get for Halloween, Beyond the Wail.

But what a nice surprise to also discover… Continue reading

Introducing Author T. N. Payne

T. N. Payne

T. N. Payne, author of the new short story, “Dead Man Hocking”

T.N. Payne (Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Goodreads | Pinterest) is the embodiment of science and fiction, usually spending her days in Dallas as a Research Assistant and her nights reading, staring at her computer or procrastinating (usually involving the previous two). A perpetual night owl, when she isn’t mumbling to herself about needing sleep and coffee, you’ll find her hunched over her writing notebook. Her dream is to publish at least one book in every category and to write meaningful, tear-at-your-heart-strings novels. Though it required killing her eardrums from the loud, constant stream of music needed to focus, her first short story, “Dead Man Hocking,” just made its debut with Xchyler Publishing.

That’s what you can read about her anywhere, I mean, it’s what’s on the author pages, book jacket, and everything else that has hit the book marketing circuits. Now, let’s talk, just you and me, because as usual, I have my own Notes. For me, this young person is something special.

Continue reading

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Meet Aunt Betty

Aunt Betty's new roommate is out of this world, but how much is ghost and how much is just plain crazy?

Aunt Betty’s here, and she’s got a ghost, but how much of that is just plain crazy?

Everyone has “that family member” right? I mean, it was for them that we invented this phrase: “That’s not just wrong, friend, that’s crazy uncle wrong!” It’s the guy that yells at the Fox News channel and then clears out the room with a single fart. It’s the woman who stalks little children, pouncing out of dark corners to pinch their cheeks, and cover their faces with red lipstick. They have the manners of your preschooler, but not the charm. They are adorable and terrifying. Continue reading

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A talk with Author Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet releases AMNS, v2

Part 4: Through the Sci-Fi of a dream 

It’s often said, “Good things take time, great things happen all at once.” No one knows that better than an author. The thrill we feel when the story  finds us is often indescribable. For Author Scott E. Tarbet, a story came to him in a dream. Today, I bring you a sneak peek of that story: a science fiction tale that woke him up, demanding to be written.

Mr. Tarbet’s initial foray into fiction landed him in steampunk, fantasy, and paranormal camps, directly in the wheelhouse of  Xchyler Publishing. However, this author does not impress me as someone who wants to think inside of a box. Coming in the future is an action space thriller, a paranormal screenplay, and this surprising new idea that he tells me in this interview. Reading it, Isee the influence of sci-fi kingpins; particularly those who write stories about space colonization. Unlike many tech fiction writers, I envision Mr. Tarbet as a man who will allow his characters to lead, even at the expense of a gadget or two. But to jump genres like this, the author must remember that he is also writing for a different audience.  Continue reading

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A talk with Author Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet releases AMNS, v2

Part 2: Playing Favorites

Admit it, bibliophiles, you are all biased. When was the last time you picked up a book, examined every character inside, and then led these make-believe people through your conscious mind equally, with legal precision? Face it, our relationships with fictional characters are no different than they are with living people — we like some better than others. Ever wonder why that is?

Here’s an answer for you: we authors have our favorite characters, too. It is true for me, and the same is certainly true of Author Scott E. Tarbet. In this, my second interview with him, I learn about the characters in his newly revised novel, A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk, and how he relates to them personally. Did you expect a writer to stand at a distance from a work of fiction? If you did, prepare to change your mind. If a story is the relationship between fact and emotion, then a good storyteller is the person who can bring you into such a relationship.

Brought to us by Xchyler Publishing, this second edition of A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk features characters that draw us in from the start. When you read your copy, you will instantly guess which ones our author finds most engaging, for he does not keep this a secret. I reasoned that a man who writes such deep characters is likely to have a deep relationship with each of them. I was right.
Continue reading

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