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Meet Ben Ireland

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Ben Ireland

Author Ben Ireland is a murderer.

He says so himself. “I have a bad habit of killing people in my writing.” Indeed, becoming a character in a Ben Ireland story could be a death sentence. After all, this writer invented a fairyland where humans often died (Moments in Millenia, Xchyler Publishing). “My mother doesn’t approve,” he admits. But other than that,  Continue reading

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The Pen and the Samurai Sword

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Author F. M. Longo

Author F. M. Longo is also a chef, jazz musician, and software engineer. His Saga Naoki series has delighted readers for several years running.

Author: F.M. Longo

Fantasy writer of story Naoki no Yōkai (“Naoki’s Yōkai”) talks to me about Japanese mythology.

F. M. Longo’s lovable samurai warrior, “Saga Naoki” stars in his latest story, which is part of an ever-growing collection of samurai tales. Mr. Longo is an author, chef, and de facto cultural scholar on everything Japanese. I had the pleasure of interviewing him for a week, discussing topics ranging from anime to clowning. His story appears alongside my story, “Jilted River,” in the fantasy anthology, “The Toll of Another Bell.” However, I was delighted to find what I did not know about him. Continue reading

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Victoria and the Ancient Evil

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A walk before Midnight

Ylana’s people await her at the Astronomical Clock in Prague, but so do the daimons.

with Author TC Phillips

TC Phillips, author of the story “60 Seconds to Midnight,” gave me a bone-chilling interview with his character, Victoria.

. . . or, is it his character Ylana?

To be honest, I was sure that I spoke to two young ladies during this walk. It was obvious that one body held two souls. However, the conversation was a delicate one. Not only two souls, but two worlds unite in this poor creature. She was a mess when I saw her, pale and worn. She looked to be no older than her late teens, but her eyes held centuries of pain. Abandoned by her family in our Terran reality, Victoria met Ylana inside her own head, while struggling for survival on the streets of Cardiff. Soon after that, she languished in a mental institution, fighting the pain that came from suppressing Ylana’s voice. Continue reading

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Air, Water, Sister, Brother

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Aquatus, guardian of the waters.

Aquata, guardian of waters.

Ventus, guardian of the air.

Ventus, guardian of the air.

Twin walks
at the Dawn of Time

with Jodi Milner

Author, Jodi Milner, really rocked it for me. I mean, it’s brave of another writer to let me interview a character, but Jodi made a leap of faith, and let some of my characters talk to hers.

As it happens, Ms. Milner’s story, “Breath,” graces The Toll of Another Bell, right along with my story, Jilted River. It didn’t take me long to notice that her story had a set of twins, a brother and a sister, just like my story. So as you might guess, my twins, Trystan and Wagner, were eager to interview the elemental twins, Aquata and Ventus. Continue reading

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My Love, My Heart, My Singer

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A walk through Abréal


with Danielle Shipley

Author, Danielle Shipley, gave me a fascinating interview with her character, Heartsinger.

Ms. Shipley tells the story, “Reality as We Know It,” in the fantasy anthology, The Toll of Another Bell. Two companions leave a tortured life in a dream world to make a new life in the “real” world of London. The world Ms. Shipley invents is not a dull one. Abréal is a land of true dreams, where all thoughts come to life by force of will. Cruel judges rule the world, and dictate a fate to Heartsinger that is worse than death. He and his best friend spend a month, after arriving in our world, just discovering how much they need each other. Continue reading

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The “Real” Murph

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A walk on the roof with Dragonflyers


Murphy Hargreaves tends to show up at the turning of the tide.

and Author Scott Tarbet

Rather than “walk,” perhaps it is more appropriate to call this a “dragonflight.” Author Scott E. Tarbet told the story, “The Year of No Foals,” in the fantasy anthology, The Toll of Another Bell. This was where he introduced me to his character, Murphy Hargreaves. I begged Scott to help me get this interview. Murph captured me as soon as he was introduced. He is a “Horse Man” and a horseman. He is the kind of trainer who sleeps in the stables, personally overseeing the care of his horses. He has done that job for as long as he can remember, and he was still doing that job in Dubai, when we met on top of a high rise building. That was his work and his home, right there on the roof. Continue reading

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Meet Dr. Jessica

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Dr. Jessica: An exclusive, newly declassified interview

Dr. Jessica: An exclusive, newly declassified interview

A secret walk through the Nest

with Thaxson Patterson II

Thanks to the generosity of my fellow author, Thaxson Patterson II – and thanks, in no small part, to my security clearance – I was recently able to talk with a scientist at a top-secret research facility.

Mr. Patterson tells the story, “Life Under Research Conditions,” in the fantasy anthology, The Toll of Another Bell. In this story a created bioweapon known as Squid Panther discovers that he may not be a monster, after all. His creator is a bright, demure woman that Squid Panther calls “Dr. Jessica.” Or rather, this is one of the names that he calls her. His other name for her is “Mother.” Continue reading

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Jilted River: Just a fairy tale?

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Thanks to for the excellent image!The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.

They ring with warbling birdsong. They swim with hazy gossamer wisps, floating under the sun dappled canopy. A waterfall beckons from the north, and it drops down, down, down to the river in the hollow bowl. See the rock face to the west? That is the other half of what used to be one big mountain. They call it the Warbler’s Rock, now. Cerulean Warblers are thick in the trees, and that rock bounces their little voices around just like a concert hall. It’s the best amphitheater in the Appalachians. And they call it the Hollows because . . . ?

Because the Jilted River gutted the earth, and left it standing empty. Continue reading

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Book Review: The Toll of Another Bell

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The Toll of Another BellI am pleased to write to you today about an excellent book of short stories. Pleased because this book has just entertained me so well, and because my own story, Jilted River appears under this same cover. Xchyler Publishing’s new Anthology, The Toll of Another Bell, kept me turning pages all the way to the end, and wishing for more.

I could go through the tales one-by-one, in a linear fashion, shooting verbiage at you like a shotgun, but you can do that just as easily by buzzing the Goodreads or Amazon pages. What I have to tell you is my impression of the stories now, fresh on my mind, as a recent reader.  Continue reading

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Jilted River, in the Toll of Another Bell

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      A Fantasy Anthology

What have I been doing lately? What has kept me so quiet? Only one thing has the power to silence me, and I promise, it’s important. Today, I am happy to make a birth announcement. My newest creation, Jilted River is available for sale right now. It appears alongside nine other short stories in Xchyler Publishing’s 2015 fantasy anthology, The Toll of Another Bell.

Watch this blog for more about Jilted River, including an interview of me by author J. Aurel Guay, this month. But in the meantime, Want to know more about this amazing book?

Check out the official trailer, on YouTube:

Continue reading

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