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China Doll

The Ghosts of Halloween Past

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is coming! Get your scare on with these spooky stories.

Oh my word, has it really been two years?

Xchyler Publishing, Paranormal Anthology, 2013. Shades and Shadows. Wow! What a book. Let’s see . . . scare? Check. Spooky? Check. Ooga-booga? You bet, the creep-out factor is enormous. New, hot talent? Check, check, check! It’s that time of year, book fans. Grab a $3.99 book deal and rev up your October scare factor.

Need some incentive? Check this excellent video on YouTube. Continue reading

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China Doll on

 “China Doll” by Ginger C. Mann – am I allowed to call a tale that includes tragic accidents and death charming? What about one with a kindly mysterious old man who fixes toys with magic, and helps a young girl to realize her own talents in that area? I think that’s ok, right? So a charming little story, drew me right in.   — Jennifer Fetting

Shades and Shadows Reviewed by Jennifer FettingHere’s an excellent review of the entire Shades and Shadows Anthology at  Included:  The stories and authors she would read again.  China Doll made her “favorites” list.

Shades… Continue reading

Shades and Shadows is selling!

Shades and Shadows, A Paranormal Anthology

Shades and Shadows, A Paranormal Anthology

It’s here!  Shades and Shadows, a Paranormal Anthology, is selling on“China Doll,” my first short story, is now in print.  It’s been a long journey for just a few thousand words of prose; but fourteen years after I began it, I have finally brought it home.My sincere thanks to Xchyler Publishing for their interest in my work.  The editors have burned many hours Continue reading

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China Doll, Reviewed by Scott Taylor

Photo Saving Face, by Amy Haskins used without permission from:

China Doll, Reviewed by Scott Taylor

The first review is in.  Scott Taylor, writer and filmmaker, posted his independent review of China Doll on September 13, 2013.  The launch of the book that features us, along with eleven other authors, is planned for October 31, 2013.

Scott Taylor is one of my sibling authors, appearing with me in  Shades and Shadows, a Paranormal Anthology.   His story, Split Ends rides along with my first published short story, China Doll. Continue reading

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