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Meet Dr. Jessica

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Dr. Jessica: An exclusive, newly declassified interview

Dr. Jessica: An exclusive, newly declassified interview

A secret walk through the Nest

with Thaxson Patterson II

Thanks to the generosity of my fellow author, Thaxson Patterson II – and thanks, in no small part, to my security clearance – I was recently able to talk with a scientist at a top-secret research facility.

Mr. Patterson tells the story, “Life Under Research Conditions,” in the fantasy anthology, The Toll of Another Bell. In this story a created bioweapon known as Squid Panther discovers that he may not be a monster, after all. His creator is a bright, demure woman that Squid Panther calls “Dr. Jessica.” Or rather, this is one of the names that he calls her. His other name for her is “Mother.” Continue reading

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