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The View

Storytelling is important, right? Yes for fiction, yes for history, and a third yes for current events. Why just report the news when you can tell about it? That’s what the Georgetown View Magazine does. Where I live, the View is a small window into the people, places, and things that share our neighborhoods. Not a local paper, but local tales. True ones.

I was honored to receive my first assignment from them last year, which went into print this past January. I took a second one for February, and I like them enough to keep on writing… Continue reading

The rumors of my demise . . .

. . . have been greatly exaggerated. Ever wonder what happened to Author Ginger C. Mann? Oh, it’s the worst. I have a day job and a night job that both thrill me. I mean, nothing kills storytelling like good, paying work, but two jobs’ worth of fulfilling work? If you’re a story in my head, that’s like your best friend just got married. Happily. Continue reading

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Three Blogs and a Love Story

Beyond the Wail, now free for Kindle unlimited

Free for Kindle Unlimited

I cannot let this day pass without a tip of the hat to four excellent bloggers. Don’t miss a visit to the sites of these authors. Among the fascinating reads you will find in their archives are interviews with yours truly, and a link to a certain book you have got to get for Halloween, Beyond the Wail.

But what a nice surprise to also discover… Continue reading

Here come the spooks!

New scares are here! Beyond the Wail, now available on Amazon

Beyond the Wail, now available on Amazon

The day is here, friends and neighbors. Beyond the Wail, a Paranormal Anthology, has finally arrived on Amazon. Prepare to be creeped, crawled, and entertained right out of your skulls as 12 authors – including yours truly – tell some Halloween tales you have never heard before.

Beyond the Wail, now free for Kindle unlimited

Free for Kindle Unlimited

Grab your copy today in paperback or on Kindle. Free for Kindle Unlimited! And watch my Notes for goodies all through the month. We launch tomorrow, friends! There is a whole month of new characters, authors, and prizes coming your… Continue reading

Beyond the Wail is Out!

BEYOND THE WAIL: 12 Grave Stories of Love and Loss

What is it about fear and the unknown that pulls so passionately at the human heart? Perhaps we are drawn not to the darkness itself, but to the resolution, the overcoming of what we most deeply dread. After all, the more terrible the struggle, the greater the victory when it comes at last. Presented in this anthology are twelve remarkable stories of the darkness that overshadows us, and the resolution that may be found beyond them. They are stories of fear and oppression, but ultimately stories of hope, stories that will take you BEYOND THE WAIL.

Goodreads | Amazon

 … Continue reading

The Ghosts of Halloween Past

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is coming! Get your scare on with these spooky stories.

Oh my word, has it really been two years?

Xchyler Publishing, Paranormal Anthology, 2013. Shades and Shadows. Wow! What a book. Let’s see . . . scare? Check. Spooky? Check. Ooga-booga? You bet, the creep-out factor is enormous. New, hot talent? Check, check, check! It’s that time of year, book fans. Grab a $3.99 book deal and rev up your October scare factor.

Need some incentive? Check this excellent video on YouTube. Continue reading

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12 Spooky Stories Coming Your Way

My latest story and 12 other tales by Xchyler authors.

Coming October 10

Hey Paranormal fans! Here’s what’s new this fall.

The noise in the attic could be the wind. Or . . . ? What waits for us in the dark after we have loved and lost? We mourned them and left their gravesides. They are gone now. Aren’t they?

Just in time for Halloween, 12 Xchyler Authors, including yours truly, take paranormal to the next level. Continue reading

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Introducing: Author Spotlights

Author Spotlights: In-depth interviews with today’s hot new talent.

You’ve read their books, maybe you’ve met their characters, but have you ever wanted to talk to your storytellers? I have, and now I am seeking them out. Welcome to my new series of interviews, where I will introduce you to creative minds that you may not have not met anywhere else. I will hold conversations with them that are not recorded on book jackets or marketing promotions. This is where I will try to follow the trails of written language, into the hands of living people.

While I am meeting and getting to know the work of these new authors, keep an eye on my “Author Spotlights.” I am borrowing time from some amazing minds, and interviewing them with depth and focus. I will ask them questions that you may have wanted to ask, if you could. I want to find out about their stories, their inspiration, and about them, personally. Continue reading

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The Pen and the Samurai Sword

Author F. M. Longo

Author F. M. Longo is also a chef, jazz musician, and software engineer. His Saga Naoki series has delighted readers for several years running.

Author: F.M. Longo

Fantasy writer of story Naoki no Yōkai (“Naoki’s Yōkai”) talks to me about Japanese mythology.

F. M. Longo’s lovable samurai warrior, “Saga Naoki” stars in his latest story, which is part of an ever-growing collection of samurai tales. Mr. Longo is an author, chef, and de facto cultural scholar on everything Japanese. I had the pleasure of interviewing him for a week, discussing topics ranging from anime to clowning. His story appears alongside my story, “Jilted River,” in the fantasy anthology, “The Toll of Another Bell.” However, I was delighted to find what I did not know about him. Continue reading

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Jump inside the book

I Love BackstoryAnnouncing: Character Walks

What if you could jump into a book, and talk with someone who is there? That’s what I’m doing in my new series, Character Walks. You’ve read the story once, from one perspective. I want to go into the books, and talk to the people in them. These authors are bravely passing the pen to their creations, letting them walk with me for awhile as I interview them. Join me for some amazing journeys to far-off lands, and some surprising talks with new characters.


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