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My house is haunted 

They stalk me, they surround me. I am not alone.

They stalk me, they surround me. I am not alone.

My house belongs to “them.”

They are everywhere. I put something away, it jumps back out. I walk down the hallway, something walks behind me. The television turns itself on, the lights flicker, a dish falls to the floor. Sometimes, a piano plays. In the thick veil of early morning, I hear them and feel them. They stalk me, they surround me, I am not alone. Continue reading

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The Ghosts of Halloween Past

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is coming! Get your scare on with these spooky stories.

Oh my word, has it really been two years?

Xchyler Publishing, Paranormal Anthology, 2013. Shades and Shadows. Wow! What a book. Let’s see . . . scare? Check. Spooky? Check. Ooga-booga? You bet, the creep-out factor is enormous. New, hot talent? Check, check, check! It’s that time of year, book fans. Grab a $3.99 book deal and rev up your October scare factor.

Need some incentive? Check this excellent video on YouTube. Continue reading

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Healing Fire

Every candle that lights the bowl is a prayer request. Who, other than God, really cares about them?

Every candle in the bowl is a sacred trust; a prayer for healing. Who, other than God, really cares about them?

I know a beautiful story, and I can’t keep it a secret.

It involves a monthly prayer-centered event in my town. It is one of the many Taizé based services that have popped up in every corner of the world now. In Georgetown, Texas, we call it the Ecumenical Service of Wholeness. And, the title says what this is: it’s a few people who get together every 4th Sunday to pray and chant for an hour, in Christ-centered meditation. Continue reading

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Interviewed by Scott E. Tarbet


Scott Tarbet, Steampunk author, novelist, and friend.

Today on, I am interviewed by steampunk author, and longtime friend, Scott E. Tarbet. Scott and I appear in two Xchyler anthologies together: Shades and Shadows and The Toll of Another Bell. I am also privileged to have one of my poems on the first page of his novel, A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk.

Here are my answers to the Bernard Pivot Questionnaire, just for Scott. Enjoy!

My talk with Scott E. Tarbet

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God the Snapping Turtle

God the Father, Son, and Holy . . . Alligator Snapping Turtle?

Don’t argue with a toddler. Don’t even try.

It’s his usual routine. The boy, barely 3 years old, wants to delay sleep as long as possible. The familiar litany of “go potty, need a drink, want my blankie, give me a kiss, sing me a song,” comes to a merciful end. Only one card left in his deck, and is going to play it.


“Yes, honey?”

“The shadows are talking to me again.”

It works. I sit down next to him. “Shadows? What do the shadows look like?”

“Oh, they are over there,” he points his finger to the wall. “They look dark. But they want to be my friend. But . . . they are scary.” Continue reading

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Remembering Harold Greene

Maj. Gen. Harold Greene had a singular gift for making others better.

When I heard the news yesterday, on August 5th, 2014, I tried to talk myself out of it.  “No, couldn’t be Harry.  I mean, a million people in the world could be named Harold Greene, anyway.”  I didn’t turn on the news or pick up a paper until today.  Then, I saw a copy of the local news at Starbucks, and there was his picture.

It sounds almost obscene, coming from me.  Harold Greene was a world famous intellect, leader, diplomat, and soldier.  I was a contractor who served at Fort Hood, under the “Good Enough” software integration build back in 2004 – 2006.  He was a Colonel, then, stationed at Ft. Monmouth, who was heading up the effort.  I was the engineer at Hood that didn’t fit in, with no military history, a thin skin, and no real clue about how to navigate a tense, fast-paced work environment.  And so, it sounds almost obscene, but I will say it anyway:  Colonel Greene was my friend. Continue reading

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Featured: Sound-off Saturday

Xchyler Publshing / Hamilton Springs Press

Writing about  writing, on the Xchyler Publishing blog, “Sound-Off Saturday”:

VERSE 2, by Ginger Mann

Joining my fellow short story writers and some veteran artists on the blog site of my first publisher.  I love watching what creative writers come up with when someone says, “Hey, would you write something about…”

Check out some fun new articles, flash fiction, and see what books are coming up at

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Verse 2

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a story worth a thousand pictures?

I have been writing poetry since elementary school. I don’t know why, it was just one of those things that fit into my mind very well. I turned out poems by the pound in the 4th grade. Most of them were about horses, I recall, for that was what truly inspired me back then. As I “grew up” in my craft, I discovered that poetry writing went hand-in-hand with my other fascination, music making. Continue reading

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