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J. Aurel Guay

Hailing from New England where he lives with his bride, and their two children, J. Aurel Guay writes both fantasy and science fiction with emphasis on strong plots and meaningful themes. Having played at writing fiction since grade school, Guay more recently has revived his passion as a coping skill in reaction to graduate school in biomedical science. Soon to complete his graduate studies, he is intent on publishing further short stories and novels.

Broken Hearts of Crystal

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Walking aboard a spaceship with J. Aurel Guay, author of “The Princess of Jasoom”

“Until recently, I was called by the name of Mr. James Brooks”

Today, I am in a shipyard. Once again, it is the Victorian era, and once again, I am surrounded by brilliant, impossible machinery. However, unlike my walk with the con artists of The Silver Scams, I am pleased to note that I can be a female on this walk. Small favors.

I wander down the boardwalk, merely curious. It looks as if a war was waged here. There are planks of broken timber, shards of wood, and then . . .  oh, hang on, there is a young woman there, lying unconscious! Though her clothing is damaged, she is still well-dressed and attractive. I check her pulse, and she is living. She seems to be sleeping peacefully, but she has many cuts and bruises. Normally, I would help, but my tight Victorian gown with its full bustle isn’t going to give me much maneuvering room. I need to find someone to assist.

There, at the end of the dock, I see a ship under construction. At least, I think it’s a ship. It isn’t going anywhere on the ocean, that’s for sure. I stand, gazing at it, looking for a human face somewhere in the automaton construction crew. To my surprise, a ramp lowers down to my feet, inviting me to enter.

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Interviewed by Author J. Aurel Guay

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My tea and talk with Author J. Aurel Guay

Are you brave enough to hike to the #jiltedriver? Ask author J. Aurel Guay. I just took him there. Go and check out our conversation.

Conversation with Ginger Mann; Author Interview:

by J. Aurel Guay

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