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Introducing: Author Spotlights

gingercmann : March 9, 2015 7:08 am : Authors, News

Author Spotlights: In-depth interviews with today’s hot new talent.

You’ve read their books, maybe you’ve met their characters, but have you ever wanted to talk to your storytellers? I have, and now I am seeking them out. Welcome to my new series of interviews, where I will introduce you to creative minds that you may not have not met anywhere else. I will hold conversations with them that are not recorded on book jackets or marketing promotions. This is where I will try to follow the trails of written language, into the hands of living people.

While I am meeting and getting to know the work of these new authors, keep an eye on my “Author Spotlights.” I am borrowing time from some amazing minds, and interviewing them with depth and focus. I will ask them questions that you may have wanted to ask, if you could. I want to find out about their stories, their inspiration, and about them, personally. more »

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Meet Ben Ireland

gingercmann : February 5, 2016 5:00 am : Authors, Ben Ireland, Xchyler
Ben Ireland

Author Ben Ireland is a murderer.

He says so himself. “I have a bad habit of killing people in my writing.” Indeed, becoming a character in a Ben Ireland story could be a death sentence. After all, this writer invented a fairyland where humans often died (Moments in Millenia, Xchyler Publishing). “My mother doesn’t approve,” he admits. But other than that,  more »


Introducing Author T. N. Payne

gingercmann : October 12, 2015 3:00 am : Authors, Beyond the Wail, T. N. Payne, Xchyler

T. N. Payne

T. N. Payne, author of the new short story, “Dead Man Hocking”

T.N. Payne (Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Goodreads | Pinterest) is the embodiment of science and fiction, usually spending her days in Dallas as a Research Assistant and her nights reading, staring at her computer or procrastinating (usually involving the previous two). A perpetual night owl, when she isn’t mumbling to herself about needing sleep and coffee, you’ll find her hunched over her writing notebook. Her dream is to publish at least one book in every category and to write meaningful, tear-at-your-heart-strings novels. Though it required killing her eardrums from the loud, constant stream of music needed to focus, her first short story, “Dead Man Hocking,” just made its debut with Xchyler Publishing.

That’s what you can read about her anywhere, I mean, it’s what’s on the author pages, book jacket, and everything else that has hit the book marketing circuits. Now, let’s talk, just you and me, because as usual, I have my own Notes. For me, this young person is something special.

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A talk with Author Scott E. Tarbet

gingercmann : October 8, 2015 1:00 pm : A Midsummer Night's Steampunk, Authors, Books, Scott E. Tarbet, Xchyler

Dr. Lakshmi Malleaux, genius inventer, artificer, and engineer. Creator of Diamond Jubal

Dr. Lakshmi Malieux:  Indian princess, physician, engineer

Part 5: My lady, the Queen’s Engineer

I must admit that Author Scott E. Tarbet is full of surprises. To rewrite Shakespeare’s comedy as steampunk is clever, but apparently not clever enough. In this, my final interview with Mr. Tarbet, I am treated to a discussion of a personal favorite in his book. Dr. Malieux. No, this is not the sadistic Dr. Oberon Malieux that darkens the path of Pauline Spiegel. Instead, meet the beautiful wife of Oberon, the Godmother of our heroic Pauline, and her mother’s best friend. Genius physician and engineer, Dr. Lakshmi Malieux. more »

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A talk with Author Scott E. Tarbet

gingercmann : October 7, 2015 5:12 pm : A Midsummer Night's Steampunk, Authors, Books, Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet releases AMNS, v2

Part 4: Through the Sci-Fi of a dream 

It’s often said, “Good things take time, great things happen all at once.” No one knows that better than an author. The thrill we feel when the story  finds us is often indescribable. For Author Scott E. Tarbet, a story came to him in a dream. Today, I bring you a sneak peek of that story: a science fiction tale that woke him up, demanding to be written.

Mr. Tarbet’s initial foray into fiction landed him in steampunk, fantasy, and paranormal camps, directly in the wheelhouse of  Xchyler Publishing. However, this author does not impress me as someone who wants to think inside of a box. Coming in the future is an action space thriller, a paranormal screenplay, and this surprising new idea that he tells me in this interview. Reading it, Isee the influence of sci-fi kingpins; particularly those who write stories about space colonization. Unlike many tech fiction writers, I envision Mr. Tarbet as a man who will allow his characters to lead, even at the expense of a gadget or two. But to jump genres like this, the author must remember that he is also writing for a different audience.  more »

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A talk with Author Scott E. Tarbet

gingercmann : October 6, 2015 5:30 pm : A Midsummer Night's Steampunk, Authors, Books, Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet releases AMNS, v2

Part 3: Give the actor a pen!

Painting, acting, singing, dancing, writing . . . who cares? It’s all art, right? Well, try this: if you are a talented singer and actor, perhaps you are an expert at your craft, sit down and try to write some of the plots you deliver to an audience every day. Sound simple? It is not. For Author Scott E. Tarbet, telling a story is like breathing. However, few people know that it is only in recent years that he began to tell stories in writing.

A seasoned actor, opera singer, poet, and guitarist, Scott knows about delivering a live story to an audience. How, then, did he decide to step behind the scenes, and become a writer of tales? Why did he start writing late in his career, and what keeps him writing, despite the steep learning curve? In this, my third  interview with him, I learn about the passion that drove him to write novels like A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk, produced by Xchyler Publishing. I also learn what compels him to continue writing stories, as he grows rapidly into his new craft.

Here is what this new author had to say when I asked him just one pivotal question: What inspired you to write books?
more »

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A talk with Author Scott E. Tarbet

gingercmann : October 5, 2015 8:20 pm : A Midsummer Night's Steampunk, Authors, Books, Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet releases AMNS, v2

Part 2: Playing Favorites

Admit it, bibliophiles, you are all biased. When was the last time you picked up a book, examined every character inside, and then led these make-believe people through your conscious mind equally, with legal precision? Face it, our relationships with fictional characters are no different than they are with living people — we like some better than others. Ever wonder why that is?

Here’s an answer for you: we authors have our favorite characters, too. It is true for me, and the same is certainly true of Author Scott E. Tarbet. In this, my second interview with him, I learn about the characters in his newly revised novel, A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk, and how he relates to them personally. Did you expect a writer to stand at a distance from a work of fiction? If you did, prepare to change your mind. If a story is the relationship between fact and emotion, then a good storyteller is the person who can bring you into such a relationship.

Brought to us by Xchyler Publishing, this second edition of A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk features characters that draw us in from the start. When you read your copy, you will instantly guess which ones our author finds most engaging, for he does not keep this a secret. I reasoned that a man who writes such deep characters is likely to have a deep relationship with each of them. I was right.
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A talk with Author Scott E. Tarbet

gingercmann : October 4, 2015 11:57 am : A Midsummer Night's Steampunk, Authors, Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet

Author Scott E. Tarbet releases AMNS, v2

Part 1: Shakespeare and Steampunk, Double Reboot

Welcome to the first of my interviews with Author Scott E. Tarbet. A new and rising sensation in steampunk, Scott hails from the volumes of indie book producer Xchyler Publishing. His first novel, A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk, was an instant worldwide sensation. Globally, the book is popular enough to earn Mr. Tarbet a loyal fanbase in the Americas, and almost a cult following in the Middle East and Asia.

Now, Tarbet reboots the reboot, delivering an update well worth his readers’ time. But why all of the fuss to begin with? Clearly, something is special about a gears-and-steam retelling of Shakespeare’s comedy. In this, the first of five author interviews, Scott E. Tarbet helps me understand why his books drew me in, and why I can’t wait to read more.
more »

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Steampunk Author’s Hot New Release

gingercmann : October 2, 2015 7:29 am : A Midsummer Night's Steampunk, Authors, Books

Scott E. Tarbet's riveting revision of a beloved novel.

Scott Tarbet signs his new edition on Friday Oct 9

Scott E. Tarbet to appear at Marissa’s Gifts and Books

Have you been dying to meet a rising star in steampunk? Utah fans, here’s your chance.

Marissa’s Gifts & Books, a charming local independent bookstore, is hosting a signing of the new second edition of A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk, featuring the heroic Pauline on a gorgeous new cover, Friday, October 9th, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Author Scott Tarbet will sign tonight.

Located at 5664 S 900 E, Ste 8, Murray, UT 84121, Marissa's Books and GiftsMarissa’s is your home for hard to find vintage and collectable books, as well as new titles from local authors.

Already own a first edition copy of AMNS?

Bring it by, and get the second edition, autographed, for only $10. That goes for Kindle copies of the first edition, too.

Come in Steampunk costume, and get $2 off your copy of the second edition.

more »

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Hot Steam on a Midsummer Night

gingercmann : September 27, 2015 3:00 pm : A Midsummer Night's Steampunk, Authors, Books, Scott E. Tarbet, Xchyler

Scott E. Tarbet's riveting revision of a beloved novel.

Shakespeare turns to steam in the new version of this beloved novel.

Ginger’s Notes here. How about a little

Sunday Steampunk!

Author Scott E. Tarbet does it again with a riveting revision of his popular first novel. A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk, now a worldwide hit, is selling on Watch my Author Spotlights for a special interview series with Scott. You won’t see it anywhere but here, friends, a one-on-one with a rising Steampunk Star!

You won’t believe how well this author understands us women, and you will love how he adores his characters. I’m bringing it all to you soon. Meanwhile, grab the new book and read up. This is what we women wanted to be back in the 20th Century. Imagine what might have happened if we did not have to fight to be mathematicians and scientists. Where would we go? What would we invent? Mr. Tarbet has it firmly in mind, revised in this book with an even stronger female lead.

more »

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Broken Hearts of Crystal

gingercmann : March 19, 2015 12:00 pm : Characters, J. Aurel Guay, Mechanized Masterpieces II, Xchyler

Walking aboard a spaceship with J. Aurel Guay, author of “The Princess of Jasoom”

“Until recently, I was called by the name of Mr. James Brooks”

Today, I am in a shipyard. Once again, it is the Victorian era, and once again, I am surrounded by brilliant, impossible machinery. However, unlike my walk with the con artists of The Silver Scams, I am pleased to note that I can be a female on this walk. Small favors.

I wander down the boardwalk, merely curious. It looks as if a war was waged here. There are planks of broken timber, shards of wood, and then . . .  oh, hang on, there is a young woman there, lying unconscious! Though her clothing is damaged, she is still well-dressed and attractive. I check her pulse, and she is living. She seems to be sleeping peacefully, but she has many cuts and bruises. Normally, I would help, but my tight Victorian gown with its full bustle isn’t going to give me much maneuvering room. I need to find someone to assist.

There, at the end of the dock, I see a ship under construction. At least, I think it’s a ship. It isn’t going anywhere on the ocean, that’s for sure. I stand, gazing at it, looking for a human face somewhere in the automaton construction crew. To my surprise, a ramp lowers down to my feet, inviting me to enter.

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