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The Author

Ginger Mann is a flutist, songwriter, composer, and software developer.  If you can’t find her doing those things, look for a woman chasing around her small children with a camera.  A Texas artist, she enjoys writing music for Texans; especially young voices.  The premiere of her song, “River Night”, was performed by her husband’s high school choir in North Austin, on October 12, 2013.  On the same weekend, her first short story, “China Doll,” began selling on  During the day, Ginger writes computer programs.  The rest of the time, she enjoys writing with music notation, verse, prose, and the occasional photograph.

Ginger lives with her family in the Austin, Texas area.

In fact, Ginger has begun to love her new role as a tale-teller. Right, well, let’s lose the 3rd person omniscient perspective now. Meet me in my office, okay? Right — we’re there. No more English grammar class five-paragraph discussion, this is you and me. Know what? I’ve been writing for you as long as I can remember. You’re my best friend, and I can’t wait to tell you everything that’s on my mind. I plan to do that as long as you’ll let me — meaning, as long as you’ll read me. Keep up, okay? I’ve got a lot to talk about. Whenever my brain is stuck on something, it ends up here. Hope you enjoy it.

This Site

This blog site is for you.

You know who you are.  You’re the one who said, “I like that, why don’t you write it somewhere?”  Or, you may have said, “Would you e-mail me that?”  Or maybe it was, “You should publish some of this stuff.  Really, I mean it.”  Perhaps you are more of the motivational speaker and you said, “I’d really like to challenge you to write a blog.”

If you haven’t noticed by now, those tactics never work on me.

Instead, I finally got my tail kicked.  Hard.  By the marketing department of quirky yet lovable publishing house, Xchyler Publishing.  They finally put me in print with my first story, “China Doll,” in the October 2013 anthology, Shades and Shadows.  They said, “Help us.  Put up your author blog, and tell the world about this book.”  They begged and pleaded and looked adorable.

I can’t resist adorable.  I helped.  But it’s more than that:  Now that someone has “challenged” (I hate that word … but I digress) … CHALLENGED me to get in gear, I find that I can’t stop myself.  It seems I have always had plenty to say, but nowhere to really say it.  It’s ridiculous when I think of how many web sites I have put into production for other people.  Why not blog?

No good reason.  This has gone on long enough.  If you are here, it’s because I once said something that interested you.  That makes us friends.  So, for you, my friend, I hope you find more of what brought you to my site.

God bless you as we get to know each other.

Sincerely yours,

– Ginger

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