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The rumors of my demise . . .

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. . . have been greatly exaggerated. Ever wonder what happened to Author Ginger C. Mann? Oh, it’s the worst. I have a day job and a night job that both thrill me. I mean, nothing kills storytelling like good, paying work, but two jobs’ worth of fulfilling work? If you’re a story in my head, that’s like your best friend just got married. Happily.

Bummer. Well, it’s not all that bad folks. Stories are brimming up and waiting on me. All I need is a few minutes to scratch them down – and then a few more minutes to scratch more of them down. You know how it is.

I’ve taken a few months to make music, dear friends. I find that I must do either one or the other: write music or write prose. I will return to the art of stories when the season turns again, and I have long moments of reverie. Until then, dream big, and send them out to me. I love your sparks of inspiration.

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