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Meet Ben Ireland

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Ben Ireland

Author Ben Ireland is a murderer.

He says so himself. “I have a bad habit of killing people in my writing.” Indeed, becoming a character in a Ben Ireland story could be a death sentence. After all, this writer invented a fairyland where humans often died (Moments in Millenia, Xchyler Publishing). “My mother doesn’t approve,” he admits. But other than that, Mr. Ireland is unapologetic. His newest published book, Kingdom City Revolt, sequel to Kingdom City: Resurrection, jolted me into its world kicking and screaming. Well, perhaps just screaming? Anyway, the first page exploded with bondage, torture, and captivity. After that, I couldn’t stop reading.

Don’t worry about me, I’m not afraid of the dark. That’s true of most people who read Mr. Ireland. He describes Revolt as a fight against what a Representative is trying to do to Kingdom City’s people. However, he emphasizes that it’s also about the internal revolt of the characters against their own natures. The character Paul struggles with leading the revolt and forsaking everything to save his family. Others have dark secrets hidden away.

Sultry but never gratuitous, this writer loves sharing his dark drama with readers like us. Interesting things happen when the lights go out. How interesting? Well to start, you never know who you might meet. I love authors and characters — you know me — so I had to ask Ireland which Kingdom character he liked best. Autumn, he said. “I relate to [her] the most, but also the least. I wanted her to be socially awkward. As the first character I’ve ever tried to fully flesh out, I didn’t have much choice, being as uncomfortable in social situations as I am.”

She may be “socially awkward,” but Revolt‘s ingenue is no shrinking bookworm. Ireland continues, “The way that I don’t relate to her is that I made her everything I’m not. She is a brilliant scientist and an unparalleled fighter. She probably won’t be able to talk her way out of an interrogation, but she’ll definitely know how to knock you out, steal your pen, and use it to pick the locks on the window before your body hits the floor.”

Clearly, this author is “all caught up” on his avowed X-Files fixation, for I caught some glimpses of Dana Scully in Autumn. For me, that’s attractive: I love a strong, intelligent, female lead. I wanted to get to know her better. I asked Mr. Ireland if I would like her. He said, “She is described by her husband as ‘a mountain, an elemental force. When she was in your life, you willingly let everything revolve around her. You had no choice.’ She doesn’t let people in close, but she is a leader that people follow. The very few people that she really opened herself up to know that she is stoic and deep.”

Yep, I would like her a lot!

The second in Ireland’s Kingdom City Series, Revolt is where the people find their voice. It’s “all about people fighting against physical threats, and their internal nature,” says Ireland. “We all choose what is important to us, and what is worth fighting–and killing–for. That is something most of us can avoid being too blatant about. But those in war often find that they are forced to choose.”

Kingdom City fans, if you’ve already burned through his first two books, the news is good. Ireland is working on the next novel now. Kingdom City part 3, “Retribution” (working title), promises to turn the drama up a notch. “It all comes down to family,” says Ireland, “and what our characters are willing to do to protect the people they love.”

Within what boundaries, I wanted to ask him. But I already knew the answer. These are dark times — horrible, deadly times. A word to the wise: don’t stand in the way of Ben Ireland’s heroes.


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