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Meet Father Mahoney

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This young priest has seen a lifetime of hauntings.

This young priest has already seen a lifetime of hauntings.

A priest that sees ghosts? Can he help Aunt Betty?

Interviewed by Author A. F. Stewart

Young Father Mahoney never wanted to see a ghost. In fact, the parapsychologist-turned-priest hoped for just the opposite: as a Ph. D. student, he set out to find a cure for paranormal activity. How? By fixing sick minds. College led him to the niche field of parapsych. For Mahoney, it was pure serendipity: to explain a spook as mental illness made sense to him. So, before meeting Aunt Betty and her family, Father Mahoney pursued the exorcism of all spirituality, everywhere.

It might have worked, but the ghosts had other ideas.

Mahoney grew up as a practicing Catholic, until a harrowing experience with a clergy member drove him out of the church. An atheist in his college years, he discovered that any thought of the preternatural made him sick with dread. To cope, he made games for himself. He enjoyed the ridicule of all religion, but when that bored him, he began to pip the ghost hunting clubs that he found on campus. One day, a group surprised him by standing up for themselves. They formed a friendship of sorts, and adopted Mahoney as a “pet unbeliever.”

That’s how he ended up at Auschwitz, in the courtyard, surrounded by the dead.

I won’t tell that story, I want you to read it. Father Mahoney is the man who turns Aunt Betty’s life around. Beverly knows and trusts him, but even she doesn’t know what you’re about to read. This priest never believed in ghosts until one found him. Then another one, and another. I don’t know anyone who can help a crazy woman with her own haunting, but if there is such a person, it’s this man.  Read about him here, interviewed by Richard Dale in a Fireside Chat, which was sponsored by Author A. F. Stewart.

A Fireside Chat with Father Mahoney:
Character Interview by A. F. Stewart

Read Aunt Betty’s story in ‘Beyond the Wail: 12 Grave Tales of Love and Loss,’ a paranormal anthology by Xchyler Publishing. And don’t forget, today’s the last chance to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.

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