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Meet Aunt Betty

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Aunt Betty's new roommate is out of this world, but how much is ghost and how much is just plain crazy?

Aunt Betty’s here, and she’s got a ghost, but how much of that is just plain crazy?

Everyone has “that family member” right? I mean, it was for them that we invented this phrase: “That’s not just wrong, friend, that’s crazy uncle wrong!” It’s the guy that yells at the Fox News channel and then clears out the room with a single fart. It’s the woman who stalks little children, pouncing out of dark corners to pinch their cheeks, and cover their faces with red lipstick. They have the manners of your preschooler, but not the charm. They are adorable and terrifying.

What, then, might happen if your . . . ahem . . . “eccentric” aunt crashes on your doorstep one day, carrying everything she still owns in a single trunk? What if she walks into your living room for the first time in twenty years, takes a seat, and complains that she is pursued by zombie bankers? What do you make of the giant bag of prescription drugs she is setting up next to your sink?

Get used to it, Beverly. Your Aunt Betty is moving in. Her Hammond Organ arrives tomorrow.

In this, Betty’s first appearance on screen, she agreed to an interview with the incomparable Will Scarlet in his character talk show, Will Scarlet’s Kiss and Tell. You won’t believe what she has to say there, so hop over and give it a read. Hosted and sponsored by co-author Danielle E. Shipley, we have put together something that’s sure to entertain you. Here’s a hint: watch out for flying hair curlers. Ghosts just love to play with those. And now, without any further ado,

Heeeeeeere’s Aunt Betty!

Author Danielle E. Shipley shares space with Aunt Betty and myself in ‘Beyond the Wail: 12 Grave Tales of Love and Loss’. This newest paranormal anthology by Xchyler Publishing launches today!


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Beyond the Wail, full spread

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