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Hot Steam on a Midsummer Night

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Scott E. Tarbet's riveting revision of a beloved novel.

Shakespeare turns to steam in the new version of this beloved novel.

Ginger’s Notes here. How about a little

Sunday Steampunk!

Author Scott E. Tarbet does it again with a riveting revision of his popular first novel. A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk, now a worldwide hit, is selling on Watch my Author Spotlights for a special interview series with Scott. You won’t see it anywhere but here, friends, a one-on-one with a rising Steampunk Star!

You won’t believe how well this author understands us women, and you will love how he adores his characters. I’m bringing it all to you soon. Meanwhile, grab the new book and read up. This is what we women wanted to be back in the 20th Century. Imagine what might have happened if we did not have to fight to be mathematicians and scientists. Where would we go? What would we invent? Mr. Tarbet has it firmly in mind, revised in this book with an even stronger female lead.

Check the video on YouTube, get your books, and get excited. This hot author is burning up the Steampunk conventions as we speak. Don’t lose my Notes, because he’s talking to me.

Don’t go far away. Exclusive interviews with Scott E. Tarbet are coming soon!

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