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12 Spooky Stories Coming Your Way

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My latest story and 12 other tales by Xchyler authors.

Coming October 10

Hey Paranormal fans! Here’s what’s new this fall.

The noise in the attic could be the wind. Or . . . ? What waits for us in the dark after we have loved and lost? We mourned them and left their gravesides. They are gone now. Aren’t they?

Just in time for Halloween, 12 Xchyler Authors, including yours truly, take paranormal to the next level. Prepare for delightful creep-outs as you embark on some haunted tours of our minds. No need to panic, these are just stories. But . . . to be safe, maybe cover up that mirror in your room while reading. No telling what’s inside of it, is there?

Beyond the Wail: 12 Grave Tales of Love and Loss, is coming October 10 from Xchyler Publishing. Excited yet? No? Check out this trailer.  Then, stay tuned for the book launch, party news, and more.

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