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When a body meets a body of water: Will vs. Brenda

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Brenda the Water Siren is interviewed by Will Scarlet

What does a heralded, hooded, pointy-toed Merry Man of Robin Hood’s gang have to do with an Appalachian water ghoul?

Absolutely nothing.

But that isn’t going to stop one of them from interviewing the other. Thanks to fellow author, Danielle Shipley, my water siren is out again, stalking another man. Will Scarlet made a stunning show of it, of course. He was charming, gallant, and strangely buoyant, hosting a relative flood of rhetoric from my jilted demon. He is still alive and well today, partly thanks to the fact that he doesn’t sing, but certainly thanks to some obvious practice in swimming. However, Brenda doesn’t give up so easily. From all accounts, she had the time of her life. In fact, residents of the Jilted River State Park report that she has even begun to show herself wearing chain mail recently. I think it had to do with the last bit – when Will asked her to kiss him. She seems to take that kind of thing to heart.

When a body meets a body of water, a-comin’ through the Renaissance Faire, that’s Will Scarlet and Brenda the Water Siren.  Here, you know you are curious. Read Will Scarlet’s Kiss & Tell, on Danielle Shipley‘s blog, “Ever On Word“.

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