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Shades and Shadows is selling!

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Shades and Shadows, A Paranormal Anthology

Shades and Shadows, A Paranormal Anthology

It’s here!  Shades and Shadows, a Paranormal Anthology, is selling on“China Doll,” my first short story, is now in print.  It’s been a long journey for just a few thousand words of prose; but fourteen years after I began it, I have finally brought it home.My sincere thanks to Xchyler Publishing for their interest in my work.  The editors have burned many hours of midnight oil putting this book together, and my story is much better for it.  Also, I owe thanks to my faithful Advance Readers who are buying, reading and reviewing the anthology now.  Keep it up, good people, the more we review it, the higher it climbs.I would be completely out of my mind if I failed thank the two people who really inspired me to write this thing.  First, Bill Haines, who saw it back in 1998, and would not quit bothering me until I had given a solid start to it.  But most of all, thanks to my fellow author and friend, Scott Tarbet, who saw it all of these years later and guided me onto the path toward finishing it.Congratulations to Xchyler and my fellow authors.  The official launch date is on October 31.  See you at the party!

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