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Meet Ben Ireland

gingercmann : February 5, 2016 5:00 am : Authors, Ben Ireland, Xchyler
Ben Ireland

Author Ben Ireland is a murderer.

He says so himself. “I have a bad habit of killing people in my writing.” Indeed, becoming a character in a Ben Ireland story could be a death sentence. After all, this writer invented a fairyland where humans often died (Moments in Millenia, Xchyler Publishing). “My mother doesn’t approve,” he admits. But other than that,  more »

Overheard: By the Water Cooler

My house is haunted 

gingercmann : October 15, 2015 12:31 pm : Aunt Betty, Characters, Prose, Water Cooler Blog

They stalk me, they surround me. I am not alone.

They stalk me, they surround me. I am not alone.

My house belongs to “them.”

They are everywhere. I put something away, it jumps back out. I walk down the hallway, something walks behind me. The television turns itself on, the lights flicker, a dish falls to the floor. Sometimes, a piano plays. In the thick veil of early morning, I hear them and feel them. They stalk me, they surround me, I am not alone. more »

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New in my world

The rumors of my demise . . .

gingercmann : February 5, 2016 12:06 am : News

. . . have been greatly exaggerated. Ever wonder what happened to Author Ginger C. Mann? Oh, it’s the worst. I have a day job and a night job that both thrill me. I mean, nothing kills storytelling like good, paying work, but two jobs’ worth of fulfilling work? If you’re a story in my head, that’s like your best friend just got married. Happily. more »

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Character Walks

A Monster and a Gentleman

gingercmann : October 22, 2015 2:00 pm : Beyond the Wail, Characters, Xchyler

A Walk with Thomas Murphy

And Author Julie Barnson

Thomas Murphy from "Go Gentle" by Julie Barnson

Thomas Murphy said the ghost was harmless

Gossip Columnist

But I knew the truth, and I was out to prove it.

I am fond of my little Walks, you know . . . it’s not every author who gets to act out a scene with someone else’s character. So far, I have been a set of twins, a steampunked tourist, a girl who rides a flying horse, and a medical student. With that understanding, it should come as no surprise to see me play a smarmy, scum-of-the-earth gossip columnist. Anything for you.

Why? Well, to meet this fascinating young man, Thomas Murphy. He’s barely alive at the end of Julie Barnson’s story “Go Gentle.” His granddaughter talks with him in his sickbed. But I, or rather my character, met him way back in the year 1969. Thomas Murphy just bought a farm outside of the tiny little town where I live. I am playing the journalist grand-daughter of an established local family. As a member of the media, I know that the town has a dark history. In fact, I know everything about this town; but I love to dig up scandalous new stories and put them into print.

Today’s walk happened on Mr. Murphy’s property. I traveled there to investigate a popular ghost story, but I had good reason to suspect that the ghost was no rumor. Watch what happened when I tried to tease him out of Thomas Murphy’s barn.

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